Kilt pins are the best and most traditional piece of jewellery that is commonly worn on the lowermost corner of the outer apron of any kilt. Its main function is to avoid the apron from falling or blowing open, by adding weight to the outermost aprons and is usually seen as a form of decoration and fashion.

These Kilts are much decorative with many featuring clan symbols like national emblems or native animals and different plants. Contemporary custom kilt pins usually symbolize personal interests. They are generally not commonly divided into categories of casual, informal or formal, like some other accessories of the kilt.  They can be worn on any occasion at any time. It should always be pinned through the outside layer of the fabric.

We have a vast range of kilt pins to buy in a variety of designs and finishes including Antique, Black and Chrome – with Scottish thistle designs. These are the perfect and best suitable addition to your kit to add some decoration, as well as provide some quantity of weight to the front apron of your kilt for its maintenance.

Kilt pins for sale

Our pins makers are professional and trained. They work with great care and attention to make pins stylish and decorative for you. We use the best and high-quality material for pins production.

Our handmade kilt pins are fully ornamental to give you a stylish and fancy look. Scott Fashion offers you custom-made Kilt Pins for sale and even our pins are made to measure to perfectly fit on your kilt apron. Kilt pins have a vast range of sparse standard blanket pins also.

Chrome Stag Head Kilt Pin with Brooch

The Chrome Stag Head Kilt Pin with Brooch is a great accessory for any kilt. The pin is designed to be used on any kilt, and it features a sturdy construction. The pin is made of metal, so it is durable and should last you a long time.

With the chrome finish on the pin, you can be sure that it will stand out. The Chrome Stag Head Kilt Pin is great for any kilt and makes a great gift for any kilt wearer.

Handcrafted Scottish kilt pin

If you are looking for a Scottish kilt pin, you should consider buying a custom-made one. That way, you can design your own pin and have it created to your specification. A handmade Scottish kilt pin is a great way to show your love for Scotland, as well as your pride in your Scottish heritage. One of the most popular ways to wear a Scottish kilt pin is to use it for a brooch. You can use the pin to hold your favourite pieces of jewellery, such as a watch, a belt, or a necklace.

Scottish Highland Masonic Kilt Pin

The Scottish Highland Masonic Kilt Pin is a great way to show your Scottish heritage. The Kilt Pin is a perfect accessory for anyone who wants to make a statement about their Scottish heritage. The Kilt Pin is not only meant for those who are members of the Scottish Highland Masonic Lodge but for those who are Scottish and want to get into the spirit of their heritage.