Black Denim Cargo Pockets Kilt

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Black Denim Cargo Pockets Kilt

The Black Denim Kilt with cargo pockets is crafted from sturdy denim fabric that’s built to withstand rugged and demanding tasks. It’s a practical utility kilt, featuring two flap pockets on each side.

The deep pleats sewn into the kilt provide a comfortable and full range of motion while wearing it. Additionally, the pleats enhance the kilt’s overall aesthetic, lending it a stylish and impressive appearance.

The Black Denim Cargo Pockets kilt comes with two denim flaps that have buckles for easy adjustment. At the back, there is a relatively small flap pocket. The pleats are sewn deep inside, allowing the wearer to move freely and comfortably. Overall, it’s an excellent and comfortable kilt to wear.

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  • Made from heavy-duty denim fabrics
  • Two flap pockets on either side
  • Pleats are sewn deep for a full swing
  • Double stitching for added durability
  • Rust-free hardware used

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