Black Gothic Steampunk kilt

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Black Gothic Steampunk Kilt

Our Black Gothic Steampunk kilt is a specially designed kilt for Goth and Steampunk enthusiasts. All of its pleats are sewn for a full swing, allowing for maximum movement and style. The kilt boasts six pockets, including two trouser pockets, two flap pockets with antique metal buttons, D-rings, and a removable zipper, and two pockets on the back with eight eyelets and D-rings. With buttons and four internal studs, this kilt offers a better fitting for your comfort. It’s also easy to maintain, affordable, and durable.

The chrome hooks on the belt holders on the front can be used to add a chain set as per the wearer’s requirement. The front aprons fall perfectly straight, without crumpling, while wearing it. The six pockets make it an ideal utility kilt, with two flap pockets on each side, including a small pocket on each flap pocket.

Additionally, there are two flap pockets on the back of the kilt, decorated with shiny chrome buttons, hooks, and a zipper. The pleats are deep-sewn down, approximately 2.5 inches in depth, but the depth of the pleats can be fully customizable according to the customer’s choice. Get your Gothic Kilt for Steampunk Black today and make a bold statement.

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