Black Utility Kilt with Grey Tartan Pleats

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Black Utility Kilt with Grey Tartan Pleats

Black utility kilt with grey tartan pleats, A great kilt for those who want a versatile look and style. The black pleated kilt is extremely versatile and easy to wear with casual or business attire. This is the perfect kilt for any occasion and for any occasion you can dress it up or down depending on what you are wearing. It also comes with adjustable suspenders which makes it easy to pull over pants. The pleats give the kilt a professional look, making it perfect for any job interview.

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2 reviews for Black Utility Kilt with Grey Tartan Pleats

  1. Roland Carlson

    Very comfortable kilt with perfect fit and style!

  2. Dale Allen

    Fantastic customer service with on-time delivery. Highly recommended for special events.

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