Chrome Hooked Utility Kilt

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Chrome Hooked Utility Kilt

The Chrome Hooked Utility Kilt is a kilt that requires a lot of work to produce. You will see a lot of Chrome Hooks and buckles in this kilt. You can also use the buckles to attach chrome chains. It is made in the USA, and it is made out of 100% American-made materials.

Our Chrome Hooked Utility Kilt is designed to fit a variety of events. The Chrome hooked kilt is designed to be versatile and work for multiple occasions. The pleats are sewn at around 2.5 inches deep.

Though, this is totally customizable as per the requirements of our customers. For example, if you are looking for something for a more formal event, you can have the kilt sewn with a deeper pleat in order to make it fit more traditionally.


  • Simple & Elegant Design
  • Decorative Chrome Hooks & Buckles
  • Very Comfortable
  • Two Large Flap Pockets
  • Deep Sewn Pleats

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