Drew McIntyre kilt

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Drew McIntyre kilt

The Drew McIntyre kilt is a clothing item worn by Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre. It features traditional Scottish tartan patterns in blue, black, and white colors. The kilt is durable and allows freedom of movement during athletic activities.

It reflects McIntyre’s Scottish heritage and sets him apart from other wrestlers. Fans of McIntyre can wear the kilt to show support or as part of a Scottish-themed outfit. The kilt is a popular merchandise item among his followers.
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Drew McIntyre is the former WWE champion and current member of the WWE SmackDown Live roster. He wears a kilt to the ring. The WWE superstar was attending the Royal Rumble and Drew McIntyre in a kilt, which he had custom-made by his cousin.


They pay him millions per year, and he makes more than that. He is one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the world, and his recent contract with WWE was worth $1 million per year. But that’s only a fraction of what he earns through his various endorsements, TV shows, and his own merchandise line.

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10 reviews for Drew McIntyre kilt

  1. Gabriel Banks

    The kilt, as stated, appears to be constructed with durable and sturdy materials, which indicates its superior quality.

  2. Aaron Hooper

    The quality of this product is excellent given its price point. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy from Scott Fashion again.

  3. Micheal Coffey

    I have never owned one better than this. The cloth is heavy and durable, making it a reliable and long-lasting garment. Given my satisfaction with this kilt, I am certain that I will be purchasing another from Scott Fashion in the future.

  4. Randall Andersen

    The seller was prompt in responding to my inquiries. The product fits perfectly when you adhere to the sizing instructions. It’s of excellent quality and, on top of that, very comfortable.

  5. Bobby Hewitt

    excellent quality.. and fit.. love this kilt

  6. Evelyn MacGregor

    The Drew McIntyre kilt is a timeless piece that adds flair to any occasion.

  7. Douglas Campbell

    I appreciate the meticulous work that went into creating the Drew McIntyre kilt. From the precisely pleated fabric to the sturdy fastenings, every aspect reflects excellence. The kilt’s rich colors and traditional design make it a standout choice for those who appreciate authenticity.

  8. Elena Ramirez

    As someone who values both form and function, the Armored kilt ticks all the boxes. The deep pockets are practical for carrying essentials, and the side buckles allow for a customized fit. I’ve worn it to renaissance fairs, cosplay events, and even hiking trips – it never disappoints. Plus, the subtle chainmail-inspired pattern adds a unique touch.

  9. Gavin MacLeod

    The Armored kilt combines rugged durability with a touch of flair. The reinforced fabric feels like it can withstand anything, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. The attention to detail in the design, from the adjustable straps to the metal accents, is impressive. Whether you’re a modern-day warrior or a medieval enthusiast, this kilt is a must-have.

  10. Abraham

    Comfortable and stylish! I feel like a true Scotsman in this kilt

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