Fashion Black Wedding Utility Kilt

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Fashion Black Wedding Utility Kilt

Men fashion black wedding kilt is a traditional style utility kilt that is designed to suit a semi-formal occasion. This kilt is specially designed to complement a traditional outfit with a purple tinge to it. The front is decorated with chains and purple straps making it perfect. The upper part is styled with black straps which are connected by O-rings. This wedding utility kilt is perfect for a formal occasion as it features unique chain patterns. It is perfect for a wedding, a black tie event or a semi-formal occasion.


  • Front apron fashion with purple stripes
  • Flapped pockets with striped designs on either side
  • Multiple linked chains on the front
  • Pleated all around
  • Available in different sizes


Is it ok to wear a kilt to a wedding?

In some cultures, wearing a kilt is associated with a particular style of dress. So, it’s important to know which one you’re attending. If you’re attending a Scottish wedding, wearing a kilt would be fine.

How to wear a kilt to a wedding?

You can wear a kilt to a wedding. All you need is to ask a tailor to make a custom kilt for you. The kilt must be tailored perfectly to your waist measurement. If you’re planning a formal event, then it’s recommended to wear a matching pair of shoes.

kilt measurements guide


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