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Golf kilts For Sale

Introducing the perfect golf kilt outfit for golfers looking to add some traditional flair to their game – the Golf Kilt. Made from high-quality, breathable materials, this kilt is perfect for golfing in any weather. The traditional tartan design is pleated to the sett and features a stitched-down waist-to-hip pleat for a tailored fit.

Our Golf Kilt is made from premium quality 16-ounce acrylic, making it the perfect weight for any season. It comes in standard 24″ length, with sizes 34-48 normally in stock. However, if we don’t have your size, don’t worry! We offer custom orders to your waist and/or length measurements at no extra charge.
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So, if you’re looking to add some style and tradition to your golf game, look no further than the Golf Kilt. It’s the perfect outfit for golfers who want to stand out on the course while staying comfortable and stylish. With our fast and efficient delivery, you’ll be golfing in a kilt in no time! Order now and enjoy the unique experience of kilt golf.


Yes, you can absolutely play golf in a kilt! Our premium quality tartan golf kilt is the perfect outfit for any golf enthusiast.

What golfer wore a kilt?

While kilts are not commonly worn in golf, legendary golfer Payne Stewart was known to wear traditional Scottish attire, including a kilt, during his career.

Yes, some Scots play golf in kilts, especially during traditional events or for fun. However, it is not a requirement to play golf in a kilt.

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6 reviews for Golf kilt

  1. Mitchell Muller

    Excellent quality in a great kilt. not too much. dressed for a wedding. Good looking. Very pleased with the purchase. Thanks

  2. Caleb Padgett

    very nice kilt that fits perfectly

  3. Ross Tuttle

    Perfect fit and comfortable

  4. Austin Vincent

    kilt made of quality material. Very happy with my purchase and fitted perfectly. Thank you!!

  5. Garrett Case

    Fits perfectly and looks wonderful, great kilt

  6. Kian Barton

    Great quality of material. I like that it comes with the belt.

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