Gordon Weathered Tartan Kilt

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Gordon Weathered Tartan Kilt

Embrace your Scottish roots or simply elevate your style with the Gordon Weathered Tartan Kilt. Crafted from high-quality 16 oz acrylic fabric, this kilt offers the elegance and weight of wool without any of the itchiness. The kilt comes in a stunning dress Gordon tartan kilt, giving you a timeless look that’s perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Designed with precision, this kilt boasts 3 deep pleats, each measuring 3.5 inches, giving you maximum freedom of movement. The pleats are held in place with 3 real leather straps and buckles, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The kilt also features 3.5-inch belt loops, fringing, and is lined with 100% cotton at the front and back.

Caring for your Weathered Highlander Kilt is easy. Simply wash it in 40-degree water and hang it on a kilt hanger to dry, keeping the pleats intact. Once dry, use an iron under a damp cotton cloth to press the pleats, ensuring they stay crisp and sharp.

Order the Weathered Highlander Kilt today and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability at an unbeatable price.

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