Gothic grey Steampunk kilt

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Gothic grey Steampunk kilt

This Gothic grey Steampunk fashion Utility kilt combines the traditional design of a kilt with modern Goth clothing style to create a unique and outstanding look. The modified front apron cut and heavy-duty Drill cotton coat with lots of hardware make this kilt a masterpiece in gothic clothing. It’s not just perfect for special occasions but also for daily routines and work, thanks to its many pockets and partitions. You can safely store your belongings such as your wallet, keys, and cell phone without the need for a bag.

The Gothic fashion Utility kilt also features slash and detachable cargo pockets, which improve mobility and style. You can easily remove them for work purposes and slip them back in place when needed. Made of heavy-weight cotton drill, this kilt is perfect for the stylish man or the dedicated working man, offering both confidence and comfort.

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