Leatherneck tartan kilt

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Leatherneck US Marine Corps Corporate Tartan Kilt

At our store, we boast an extensive assortment of traditional kilts. Amongst them, we present to you our latest addition – the Leatherneck US Marine Tartan Kilt, crafted to the highest kilt standards. Our offerings extend beyond kilts, with jackets and other accessories customized to meet contemporary needs. This particular Leatherneck US Marine Kilt for men exudes elegance with its meticulous stitching.

Each of our traditional kilts for sale has been fashioned by our team of expert designers, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. We take immense pride in the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each Leatherneck US Kilt. And the best part? It comes at a pocket-friendly price.

History of Clan Leatherneck Tartan

The Clan Leatherneck Tartan is a modern tartan design associated with the United States Marine Corps. It features black, scarlet, and gold colors that represent bravery, honor, and sacrifice. Marines and their families often wear clothing and accessories made from this tartan.

The Marine Corps Leatherneck Tartan is a tartan design that is closely linked with the United States Marine Corps. It typically incorporates a striking combination of black, scarlet, and gold, symbolizing the bravery and honor of the Marines. This tartan is often used to create kilts, clothing, and other accessories that are popular among members of the Marine Corps community.

The US Marine Corps Corporate Tartan kilt, also known as the USMC Tartan kilt, is a unique and symbolic piece of clothing that is steeped in tradition and heritage.


  • Our products use the best materials.
  • We offer all sizes.
  • Each item is handmade to the highest standards.
  • Sewn pleats are available for customization.
  • All hardware is rust-free.
  • Our products are suitable for both formal and non-formal wear.

Material Quality

Our highland products are made using only the finest original materials, which is a major contributing factor to their worldwide popularity. This Leatherneck US Marine Corps Tartan Kilt has been crafted to the highest kilt standard, ensuring its quality and durability. Don’t hesitate to buy now and add this beautiful kilt to your collection.

Better Price

Welcome to our product page, where you can find the best price for the Leatherneck US Marine Corps Kilt. We offer premium quality kilts at a lower price than other local stores, giving you the opportunity to buy your desired kilt at an affordable price and save a great deal of money. Don’t miss out, buy now.

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  1. Bennie Leonard

    I will certainly buy more of SCOTT FASHION’s high-quality kilts, which are the best in terms of quality

  2. Harold Finley

    Fast shipping and excellent customer support.

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