MacArthur Tartan Kilt

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Crafted with high-quality acrylic wool, the Men’s MacArthur Tartan Kilt boasts adjustable leather straps and rust-free buckles. Kilts have a long-standing association with Scotland, and Scottish tartans serve as a representation of Scottish clans, with each family possessing its distinct tartan based on its surname.

To complete the traditional Scottish look, the MacArthur Kilt has matching sporrans attached to the front pocket of the kilt. Kilt flashes are worn outside the kilt hose/socks, while the fly plaid sits over the left shoulder of the wearer at breast level.

An 8-yard kilt provides ample material, allowing for deeper, crisper, and cleaner pleats that lay much flatter than other kilts. Additionally, a stripe-pleated kilt ensures that every pleat is identical, with a vertical tartan stripe centered on each pleat.

For individuals with Scottish ancestry, the kilt is a symbol of pride for their clan. Initially, worn by those residing in the Scottish Highlands, today, the kilt is Scotland’s national dress and is worn by people worldwide.

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