MacFarlane tartan kilt

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MacFarlane Tartan Kilt For Sale

Introducing a timeless kilt design crafted with a stylish combination of red and black checkered patterns. This trendy kilt matches perfectly with any outfit and embodies all the essential features of a classic tartan kilt. The Macfarlane kilt is designed in a long length, with leather buckle straps on the sides, and boasts pleating all around for a traditional look. The versatility of this color makes it an ideal fit for many different styles, and it’s an ideal choice for any occasion.

The Clan MacFarlane Tartan Kilt is a remarkable example of Scottish attire that honors the rich heritage and customs of the MacFarlane Clan. The MacFarlane family’s ancestral residence is situated in the Scottish Highlands, nestled between the stunning Loch Long and Loch Lomond, and encompassing the same region as the Parish of Arrochar.

This expertly crafted kilt is made from high-quality acrylic wool, ensuring a comfortable and durable fit thanks to its custom-made quality. What sets this Clan MacFarlane Kilt apart from others is its intricate and distinctive design. The thick red pattern is separated by smaller lines, while gray lines divide the red blocks. Dark blue and dark green accents are present at the intersections of these gray lines, providing the perfect contrast.


  • Smooth front apron
  • Pleated back for comfort and mobility
  • Buckles on the sides for adjustability
  • Available in various colors

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