Maclaren Tartan Kilt

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Maclaren Modern Tartan Kilt

Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and style with our exceptional Maclaren Tartan kilt, made from 7-8 yards* of high-quality acrylic fabric. Our kilt features a beautiful MacLaren Tartan woven fabric that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

The traditional selvage bottom edge of the kilt gives it a classic look, and the deep first pleat and reversed final pleat add an extra touch of authenticity. The pleats are sewn down at the hips, ensuring that they remain in place and maintain their shape throughout the day.

With three wide leather straps and cast buckles, our kilt is designed for easy adjustment and maximum comfort. The belt/sporran loops at the back allow you to attach accessories such as a sporran, while the double-row offset fringe on the front apron edge adds a touch of style to this already exceptional garment.

The full-width lining of the kilt ensures that it feels comfortable against your skin, while the internal canvas reinforcement behind the pleats provides added durability and longevity. Additionally, the excess fabric behind the pleats has been cut away to reduce bulk, ensuring that our kilt remains lightweight and comfortable throughout the day.

With a length of 24 inches, our kilt is perfect for a wide range of body types. For more sizing information, please refer to our sizing info page.

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