MacLeod Of Harris Tartan Kilt

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The Macleod of Harris Tartan Kilt is a resplendent traditional garment that commemorates the rich and splendid Scottish heritage and culture. This kilt, fashioned from first-rate acrylic wool fabric, is not only enduring but also cozy, with a heftiness that feels light on the skin. The history of this tartan is steeped in the Scottish Highlands, where it was originally employed to differentiate various clans and families.

The Macleod tartan Kilt, a traditional tartan affiliated with the Macleod clan that originated in the Western Isles of Scotland, boasts an intricate design that showcases the natural allure of the Scottish terrain. Comprised of a combination of green, blue, and black hues, highlighted by dashes of red and yellow, the tartan’s unique pattern is distinct and unmatched.

The clan’s rich and extensive history in Scotland dates back to the 13th century, and the Macleod of Harris Tartan Kilt has been worn by members of the clan for generations, serving as an enduring symbol of their Scottish ancestry.

The Macleod Kilt’s exquisite tartan design is a distinctive and emblematic representation of the Macleod clan, showcasing their unique colors and patterns. Within the kilt’s striking appearance, vibrant tones of cherry red and sunny yellow are delicately woven through thin lines that boldly stand out.

Fully customizable to match your individual style and cultural background, each kilt is skillfully handcrafted by traditional artisans who pride themselves on using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Expedited delivery options are available, with rush delivery taking only a week, while standard delivery times range from 2-3 weeks. Rest assured that your kilt will be crafted with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.


🟢 Made from MacLeod of Harris Tartan fabric

🟢 Pleated design

🟢 Leather straps and buckles for size adjustment

🟢 Traditional Scottish kilt design


🟢 Offers a unique and stylish appearance

🟢 Provides a comfortable and customizable fit

🟢 Made with durable materials for long-lasting wear

🟢 Represents Scottish heritage and culture

2 reviews for MacLeod Of Harris Tartan Kilt

  1. Edward Novak

    Scott Fashion’s excellent customer service quickly helped me exchange for the perfect fitting kilt!

  2. Garrett Goldberg

    This versatile and modern kilt has amazing material quality and a timeless design.

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