McGregor Tartan kilt

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McGregor kilt Hunting Tartan Kilt

If you’re looking for a kilt that combines comfort and style, look no further than the MacGregor Tartan Kilt. Made from a high-quality blend of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, this kilt offers the perfect balance of durability and comfort.
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Crafted with precision and care, the MacGregor Tartan Kilt features a beautiful tartan pattern that is both timeless and stylish. This kilt is perfect for formal occasions, casual outings, or even everyday wear.

Leather Straps and Chrome Buckle Fastening

The Mcgregor kilts come equipped with leather straps and a chrome buckle fastening, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The straps are adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit to your exact specifications.

Maximum Comfort and Protection

To ensure maximum comfort and protection, the MacGregor Tartan Kilt features a black polyester lining. This lining helps prevent rashes and irritation, allowing you to wear your kilt for extended periods without discomfort.

Perfect for Men of All Ages and Sizes

Whether you’re a seasoned kilt-wearer or a first-time buyer, the MacGregor Tartan Kilt is the perfect choice for men of all ages and sizes. Available in a range of sizes, this kilt can be customized to fit your body type perfectly.

Ewan McGregor Kilt

Ewan McGregor has long been a proud supporter of traditional Scottish clothing, and one of his favorite pieces is the classic kilt. As a Scotsman himself, he knows the importance of embracing his heritage and preserving the traditions of his homeland.

Ewan McGregor kilt photoshoot

When McGregor dons his kilt, he exudes a sense of pride and confidence that is hard to match. The elegant tartan pattern and high-quality fabric of his kilt create a striking and memorable image that is instantly recognizable.


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2 reviews for McGregor Tartan kilt

  1. Maddison Freeman

    Bought it for my husband, and he’s really pleased with it. It’s more suited for costume occasions rather than everyday wear, but perfect for its intended purpose.

  2. Declan Roberts

    Really like, material and pattern just perfect for display in my Scottish themed room. Thanks for having at such a reasonable price.

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