Menzies Tartan kilt

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Clan Menzies Tartan kilt

A Tribute to Scotland’s Historic Clan

The Menzies Tartan Kilt is a symbol of pride for those who are part of the Menzies Clan, one of Scotland’s most historic and respected clans. This kilt takes its name and design from the clan’s tartan, which was originally worn by the Durisdeer and Enouch Menzies families in the Scottish borders. Today, the Menzies Tartan Kilt is recognized as the mourning tartan and is a favorite among Scots and kilt enthusiasts around the world.

Crafted from premium quality acrylic wool, this kilt is both durable and comfortable, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal events. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a festival, or simply dressing up for a night out, the Menzies Dress Tartan Kilt is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to show off their Scottish heritage in style.

A Subtle and Elegant Design

The Menzies Tartan Kilt features a black and white tartan design that is both subtle and elegant. The pleated side of each kilt adds depth and dimension to the overall look, while the rings on both sides of the hips allow you to attach any sporran you like. This kilt is made to measure, ensuring that you get the perfect fit every time.

The inscription “a chief sable” across a white shield is said to have inspired the Menzies tartan design. This motto, which means “a black chief,” is a tribute to the clan’s chief and the role he played in Scottish history.

Ordering Your Menzies Tartan Kilt

We offer both standard and rush delivery options for the Menzies Tartan Kilt. With standard delivery, you can expect your kilt to arrive within 2-3 weeks of placing your order. If you need your kilt sooner, our rush delivery service guarantees delivery within just one week.

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