Mitchell tartan kilt

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Clan Mitchell Tartan Kilt 

Experience the ageless sophistication of the Mitchell Tartan Kilt. Its exclusive heritage and timeless pattern merge to form an exquisite garment that stands apart from the rest. The moniker “Mitchell” originates from the Hebrew name “Michael,” which entered Scotland via France. In 1489, John Michell was pardoned for his participation in safeguarding Dumbarton Castle from King James III.

The Mitchell family tartan is also worn by the Russells and Galbraiths. This evergreen classic is crafted from premium acrylic wool and showcases the rich, rustic shades of the classic Mitchell Tartan that are sure to catch the eye. Moreover, it is tailored to your precise measurements for a flawless fit. Our bespoke kilts feature generous pleats, two buckles, and a three-point closure system for added comfort.

It is worth noting that the green stripe on the blue has been replaced with a white stripe, resulting in an identical tartan to that of Ferguson of Balquhidder. We offer Mitchell Tartan Kilts in a variety of colors and sizes at affordable prices, and our worldwide delivery system is swift, ensuring that our valued customers receive their orders promptly. Don’t miss out on the chance to purchase one of the finest Mitchell Tartan Kilts for fashion wear by choosing from our extensive selection.

Features of Mitchell Tartan Kilt Scottish

  • Fabric: Made from 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
  • Design: Features the classic Mitchell Tartan
  • Pleats: Styled with Knife Pleats for a traditional look
  • Cleaning: Easy to Wash for hassle-free maintenance
  • Buckles: Equipped with Rust-Free Buckles for durability
  • Strap: Comes with an Adjustable Leather Strap for a comfortable fit

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3 reviews for Mitchell tartan kilt

  1. Joseph Petty

    Excellent quality kilts available at affordable prices!

  2. Adam Atkinson

    I was delighted to receive my beautifully crafted kilt, made exactly to my specifications, and arrived surprisingly quickly.

  3. James Tate

    I absolutely love this kilt! It is superb in every way. Although the delivery time was quite long, it’s understandable as it had to travel a long way to reach me in Germany

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