Moore tartan kilt

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Clan Muir/Moore Tartan Kilt

The Moore tartan kilt is expertly crafted with acrylic wool to ensure both durability and comfort. The kilt features adjustable leather straps with rust-free buckles, and we utilize only the highest quality materials in its production. Scottish kilts have long been associated with Scotland, and Scottish tartans serve as a representation of a Scottish clan. Each Scottish family has their unique tartan, easily distinguished by their surname.

To complete the traditional Scottish kilt ensemble, we offer a matching sporran. The sporran serves as a pocket and is typically attached to the front of the kilt.

Kilt flashes are a vital accessory worn on the outside of your kilt hose or socks. These flashes add a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall look.

The fly plaid is an essential component of the traditional Scottish kilt attire. It is customarily worn over the left shoulder of the wearer to sit at breast level.

Our 8-yard kilt is made with extra material, allowing for deeper, crisper, and cleaner pleats that lay much flatter. This design ensures maximum comfort for the wearer and presents an elegant appearance.

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  1. Harrison MacDonald

    I’m pleased with the nice quality of the kilt, and the communication was excellent throughout the process.

  2. Charles Warren

    I received the best service and an outstanding kilt package. I highly recommend this site to anyone in search of a high-quality kilt that’s affordable

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