Orange and blue kilt

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Orange and Blue Utility kilt

The Orange and Blue Scottish Kilt is a type of utility kilt that features a double fabric color. It shares the same design as modern kilts but is made using either cotton and tartan or double cotton fabric, giving it a modern and trendy look. It’s often referred to as a two-toned kilt. The Orange Hi Vis Kilt is a high-visibility kilt designed for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. It’s perfect for those who require both functionality and style in their workwear.

At Traditional Kilt, we offer various kilt styles, including utility kilts that are designed to enhance comfort and efficiency during work and other daily activities. Our utility kilts are crafted using sturdy materials to withstand any task that you may undertake.

Wearing the Orange & Blue Scottish Kilt from Traditional Kilt not only adds a stylish element to your attire but also provides practical benefits for everyday wear. Our utility kilts are an ideal choice for active individuals who require both fashion and functionality in their clothing.

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