Ramsay Blue Tartan Utility Kilt

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Our Ramsay blue tartan kilt is a stunning piece of apparel featuring a timeless check pattern in alternating shades of light and dark blue. A pair of slender white lines further accentuates the rich and vivid hue of the darker blue fabric. The kilt comes equipped with two thick straps, each adorned with a large buckle, that allow for a secure and comfortable fit. The Ramsay blue tartan kilt resembles a classic blue tartan kilt.

For the Ramsay tartan kilt, if the waist size you require is not currently available on our list or if you prefer a unique color variation, we invite you to browse through our special order list. This option enables you to select any size or color customization that suits your preferences and requirements.

Customizable Kilts

Customization options are available for our kilts. If you cannot find your desired waist size or prefer a specific color, we invite you to explore our special order list. From there, you can select any size or color modification that you desire.


  • Elegant plain front apron
  • Eye-catching fully pleated rear design
  • Secured with large buckled straps
  • Available in a range of different sizes

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