Solid Green Tartan Kilt

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Solid Green Tartan Kilt

The remarkably stunning solid green tartan kilt presented here exhibits an opulent, profound emerald green tone that elevates it above its counterparts, rendering it an exemplary option for any and all momentous events. The tartan kilt fabric employed in its fabrication is of utmost superiority, exuding exceptional quality and radiance, while the roughhewn, unpolished edge on the front apron serves to augment its magnetism.

The leather straps, resplendent with grandiose buckles, situated proximal to the intricate weaves, are strategically located to ensure a snug and steadfast fit for the wearer. The amalgamation of its exquisitely elaborate characteristics and top-tier elements culminate in a traditional style kilt that is certain to establish an enduring impact.


    • Smooth front apron
    • Large buckled leather straps
    • Fully pleated rear design
    • Available in various sizes

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