South African Flag Kilt

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South African Flag Kilt

The South African flag stood out as the only national flag in the world to feature six primary colors in its design. Of these colors, black, green, and yellow were taken from the banners of the African National Congress, the Pan Africanist Congress, and the Inkatha Freedom Party, respectively, and were meant to symbolize the black population of the country. The remaining colors, red, white, and blue, were taken from the Dutch tricolor and the British Union Flag and were intended to represent the white population of the country.

The Y-shaped green pall on the South African flag is widely regarded as a symbol of unity among the diverse ethnic groups of the country, as well as a representation of South Africa’s progress towards a new, united future. The flag’s design reflects the convergence of different paths and the blending of both past and present.

Our kilt is crafted from durable cotton drill fabric and features tight zigzag stitching to ensure all edges are secured. Perfect for fans of Springboks rugby, this kilt is a great way to show your support in style.

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