Scottish Kilt 8 Yards Tara Murphy Tartan Acrylic Kilt

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The Men’s 8 Yard Scottish Kilt in Tara Murphy Tartan Acrylic is a striking and authentic piece of Scottish clothing. This high-quality kilt is made from durable acrylic material and measures 8 yards in length, providing a full and dramatic appearance.

The tartan pattern used in the kilt is the unique Tara Murphy Tartan, featuring a blend of green, blue, and black shades that create an eye-catching design. With adjustable leather straps, this 8 yards kilt is comfortable and easy to wear for formal events, weddings, or to showcase your Scottish heritage. Elevate your outfit with this traditional Scottish kilt, perfect for any occasion.


An 8 yard kilt is a traditional Scottish kilt that measures 8 yards in length, made from a single length of tartan fabric. It provides a full and pleated appearance and is commonly worn for formal events and occasions.

How many yards is a proper kilt?

A proper kilt typically measures 8 yards in length, although some maybe 6 or 10 yards depending on the individual’s height and build.

How many pleats is an 8 yard kilt?
kilt measurements guide


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