Black and yellow tartan kilt

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Black and yellow tartan kilt

Want to look good in your new kilt? Then be sure to check out our new Black and yellow tartan kilt!

Stand out from the crowd with this striking plaid kilt, designed with bold black and yellow colors and fine white stripes that will draw attention to you as the center of attraction.

The kilt is made from the same high-quality Sport Kilt poly-blend fabric that is non-itchy and has an excellent “swing” and “drape.” It is not made of wool and holds its pleats crisply.

In addition, each kilt is equipped with our original velcro closure and an elastic waistband that provides comfort and a good fit, with a little bit of flexibility. There is also an interior stash pocket behind the front panel that measures 5×6″.

Please allow approximately 3-5 days for completion, plus shipping time. Kilts that are longer than the standard length are created from scratch and may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

Great choice of a tartan kilt! Here are some suggestions for sporran accessories that would complement a black and yellow tartan kilt:

Black leather sporran: A simple, elegant black leather sporran would contrast nicely with the bold colors of the tartan. Look for one with silver or pewter accents for a classic look.

Yellow tassel sporran: For a pop of color that ties in with the tartan, consider a yellow tassel sporran. This can add a fun and playful touch to your outfit.

Celtic design sporran chain: A Celtic design sporran chain in silver or pewter would add a touch of traditional style to your look. This would work well with black leather or plain black sporran.

Thistle emblem sporran: The thistle is a symbol of Scotland and a common motif in Scottish accessories. Look for a sporran with a thistle emblem to add some Scottish flair to your outfit.

Sporran flask: If you’re attending a long event or just want to be prepared, consider a sporran flask. This will allow you to discreetly carry a small amount of your favorite beverage with you.

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2 reviews for Black and yellow tartan kilt

  1. Howard McCoy

    I purchased a kilt and was impressed with the speed and quality of the delivery. The kilt itself was fantastic and very comfortable to wear all day. I highly recommend this store for all your kilt needs!

  2. Vernon Nielsen

    I recently ordered a kilt from this store and I’m blown away by the quality. It’s very well made and fits perfectly. The customer service team was also very responsive and helped me with my queries right away

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