Campbell of Argyll Tartan Kilt

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The Campbell of Argyll Tartan Kilt is an iconic piece of traditional Scottish attire. The Campbell kilt is made from the highest quality wool and is designed to be a timeless and classic look. The Campbell tartan kilt is made up of a traditional pattern of red, green, and yellow plaid, with a white background. This iconic tartan pattern is often referred to as the “Argyll” or “Campbell” pattern. The kilt is pleated in the traditional style, making it a perfect choice for formal occasions or just a night out.

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2 reviews for Campbell of Argyll Tartan Kilt

  1. Clifford French

    Very well made. Comfortable and fit well.

  2. Justin Johnson

    I simply adore this kilt! It features a lovely color scheme, and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

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