Brown leather Utility Kilt with Sporran

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Brown leather Utility Kilt with Sporran

Cow Brown Leather Utility Kilt with Sporran is the perfect combination of style and functionality. This kilt is crafted from high-quality cow leather, which not only adds to its durability but also gives it a distinct rustic charm.

A brown leather utility kilt can give you a regal and sophisticated appearance. This shade of the leather is highly sought after due to its unique and stunning appearance. This leather utility kilt is made of top-quality, durable leather to ensure it lasts a long time.


If you can’t find the waist size you need or you’re looking for a specific color, don’t worry! Check out our special order list. You can customize your order with any size or color modification you prefer.


  • The Brown Leather Kilt is made from sturdy cowhide material.
  • Its shine indicates that it is a high-quality and genuine product.
  • The kilt can be tailored to fit your measurements, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Special plates have been added to give the kilt a unique, skirt-like appearance.
  • It features a customizable buckle that makes it easy to adjust the belt.
  • The kilt is versatile and can be worn for casual or formal occasions.


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