Egyptian kilt

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Egyptian kilt

Introducing my modern take on the traditional Egyptian kilt, featuring Kingussie pleating and an inverted box design. My side-pleat kilts boast a sleek flat rear apron while retaining the classic a-line shape. Using medium-weight black denim and handwoven African cloth, an Egyptian kilt pattern, this kilt offers both style and comfort.

Inspired by the Egyptian pharaohs‘ adoption of kilts, as seen in the British Museum’s Egyptology collections, this design is part of my ongoing work for the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


The Egyptian kilt is a skirt-like garment worn by men, and it originates from ancient Egypt. It has been popular among many celebrities and actors. There are several types of Egyptian kilt, and one of the most common ones is called a kilt with a waistband.

Yes, they did. The kilt was a common clothing item among the ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian kilts were made of linen and cotton. They were used to wear in summer when it was hot and to cover the body from the sun.

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2 reviews for Egyptian kilt

  1. Morris Blair

    I’m impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the kilt. I’m even considering Scott Fashion for my next kilt purchase!

  2. Earl Barlow

    I’m pleasantly surprised that the kilt I received is even better than what I expected. the quality of the kilts is remarkable, and the price is unbeatable!

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