Khaki Utility Kilt With Gold Button

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Khaki Utility Kilt With Gold Button

Looking for a stylish utility kilt? Then look no further than our new Khaki Utility Kilt With Gold Button! Our khaki utility kilt is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish alternative to a traditional kilt. It’s made from a soft, high-stretch fabric and features a soft, pleated waistband. It also features detachable pockets and detachable chain links.

We know that every family is different, and that’s why we designed our utility kilts to be highly customizable. You can customize our kilts by choosing your favourite colour, size, and waist size. Get the most stylish utility kilt on the market and customize it to your liking with Khaki Utility Kilt With Gold Button.

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  • This apron is smooth in the front with gold buttons.
  • It has large, deep cargo pockets on the side.
  • The apron has dual chains in links on the sides with a pocket.
  • The apron is available in different sizes.
  • The apron is made of 100% polyester.
  • The apron is machine washable.
  • The apron is made in the USA.

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