MacDonald Hybrid Tartan Kilt

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MacDonald Hybrid Tartan Kilt

Introducing our premium quality Macdonald Hybrid Tartan kilt made from 100% erased poly cotton. This imported kilt is designed with button closure and is recommended for dry cleaning only.

The Macdonlad kilt is made from ultra-refined fabric consisting of 100% cotton jeans and 13 oz black watch acrylic tartan wool under pleats. The kilt also comes with real leather straps that offer size adjustments between 1” and -1.5”. Additionally, the kilt features two side cargo pockets with snap closure and flap.

Before placing an order, we highly recommend measuring yourself to ensure you select the best possible size from the options given. It is essential to measure your kilt size at the level of your belly button, as kilt sizing differs from trouser sizing. Our size range is extensive and provides options that are not commonly found in the market. While the length size is the same for all sizes (24 inches), it can be customized upon request.

Our kilt is perfect for various occasions such as Scottish and Irish weddings, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Highland games, and parties. It is equally suitable for daily and casual use and is highly comfortable even for extended wear. The kilt is an excellent choice for summer, fall, and spring.

The kilt’s hardware is made of top-quality rust-free material, and the powder black coating enhances the beauty of this unique utility kilt. The kilt also features waterfall-design pleats on the back, with a width of 2 inches at the top and 3 inches at the bottom.

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