Rainbow Hybrid Utility Kilt

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Introducing the vibrant and unique Black Rainbow Hybrid Utility Kilts, a modern twist on a timeless garment. This kilt proudly boasts a plain front apron while the backside showcases striking rainbow-colored pleats. For a secure and comfortable fit, the front waistline is equipped with button snaps.

Crafted with functionality in mind, this hybrid kilt features rainbow-colored cargo pockets on both sides, flapped with buttons. The multi-color belt loops, adorned with D-rings, add a touch of style to the kilt. The buttons come in four distinct colors – antique brass, black matt, gold pleated, and silver chrome.

The hybrid kilt we offer is a versatile garment that is suitable for a variety of occasions, whether they are of a formal or informal nature. Our primary objective is to offer high-quality apparel at a reasonable cost, so we encourage you to place an order for the black and rainbow kilt today.


  • Premium quality 100% cotton material used
  • Features a sturdy drill jeans fabric for added durability and comfort
  • The vibrant rainbow color palette
  • Fully plain front apron design
  • Multi-color pleated backside for a unique and eye-catching look
  • Pockets with flaps and buttons for added functionality
  • Button snaps for fastening
  • Decorative buttons and D-rings for added style
  • Available in all sizes.

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