Black Camo Fashion Kilt With Box Pleats

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Black Camo Fashion Kilt With Box Pleats

The Black Camo Fashion Kilt with Camo Box Pleats is not your typical camouflage clothing meant to blend in. Instead, this black kilt is designed to make you stand out in a crowd. It features unique box pleats that are made out of a woodland camo print fabric in shades of green and brown.

When you move, the pleats will reveal glimpses of the camo pattern underneath. Additionally, the kilt has two detachable cargo side pockets made out of the same cargo fabric, with snap-down flaps and black canvas straps that have two silver D-ring attachment points for tools and accessories. 


  • Made of 100% pure cotton
  • Features box pleats
  • Includes pockets for storage
  • Available in black, khaki, and other colors

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