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The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is the latest addition to our 5.11 Tactical line of products. tactical kilt 5.11 was founded in 1995 with the mission of providing the American law enforcement community with innovative, durable, and practical tactical uniforms and gear. The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is designed to be airy, lightweight, and breathable, with a performance-enhancing cut that lets you move with ease. It is designed to be comfortable in both hot and cold weather, and the kilt’s superior breathability is due in part to the kilt’s specific weave pattern.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt for Sale

5.11 tactical kilts for sale are designed and developed for rough and tough men. It’s a heavy-duty kilt that can be worn on any formal and informal occasion. It can also be used as a routine wear dress. The advanced performance, superior breathability, and unmistakable style of this stylish tactical kilt from 5.11 offer you each and everything that you require.

The innovative design of our purpose-built amazing kilt is easy to wear. It’s perfect for any activity that requires you to stay mobile and ready for anything while still looking exceptionally cool and beautiful. It is a water-resistant kilt and can be worn during the rainy season. If you need storage space for your magazines and beard comb so this Kilt has all for you.

Moreover, ScottFasion offers you this unique and stylish 511 Tactical Duty Kilt for Sale that is made of branded, high quality, and durable polyester/cotton blend with Rip-Stop weave and DuPont Teflon fabric protector for stain resistance and easy maintenance of the kilt.

This 511 tactical duty kilt sizing comes with stylish pockets. This kit comes with a front slant and stylish pockets, interchangeable cargo p

pockets, oversized belt loops to accommodate the kilt, two front D-rings for attaching a stylish and strong sporran, and double/triple stitching for increasing its durability of it. It also has reinforced triple-stitching at all the major stress points of this kilt for its long-lasting. Try it now!

The 5.11 tactical kilt sporran chain is made of premium materials and features a metal chain with an adjustable strap that’s perfect for holding a wallet, keys, or even a few extra rounds. The 5.11 tactical kilt sporran chain is a sleek way to carry all your essentials and a great way to make a statement.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt Review

If you’re a fan of the kilt, but not a fan of having to wear pants, you’re in luck. The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is a stylish kilt made from the same durable materials as the tactical kilt 5.11. 

The 5.11 tactical duty kilt is a kilt that is made from 2.5-pound tested nylon and is flame resistant. It is a perfect weight for those who are tired of carrying heavy gear. It is also a perfect weight for those who are extremely active and need to be able to go from being in a seated position to a standing position. There is also a hook and loop closure for easy on and off. This product is also easy to clean.

5.11 tactical duty kilt colors can be a challenge to figure out. There are many different color options to choose from.

5.11 Tactical Kilt Sizing

5.11 Tactical kilts are a beautiful design, but the sizing is confusing. 5.11 Tactical kilts come in three variations: short, regular, and tall. They are sized according to height. Short kilts are size 5’3 – 5’7 1/2″. Regular kilts are size 5’8 – 6′ 1/2″. Tall kilts are size 6’1 – 6’3″. However, height is measured at the shoulders, not the waist. So, if you’re 5’9″, your kilt will be size 6’2″ or size 5’10” depending on if you’re regular or tall.


When you think of a tactical kilt, you might think of a practical piece of clothing that is made to last. The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is made to last, but it also has MOLLE straps and pouches to give you quick access to all the gear you need to get the job done. You can also use the kilt to keep your clothing in place and add a touch of authenticity to your uniform. You need this tactical kilt in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a tactical operator, backwoodsman, or outdoorsman, the 5.11 Tactical Kilt has a place for everything. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, or just looking for a stylish way to carry your gear, the 5.11 Tactical Kilt is the answer.

The Tactical Duty Kilt is built with a variety of pockets, including one that is a magazine pocket sized to fit a large-capacity magazine.  It also has an adjustable waist belt and four exterior pockets that are perfect for storing maps, magazines, or a pocket knife.

In the end, the 5.11 tactical kilt is one of the most popular and affordable kilt options at the ScottFashion. The 5.11 tactical kilt price makes it one of the most affordable products you can purchase.

5.11 Tactical Series Kilt

The 5.11 Tactical Series Kilt is a classic kilt that is now made with 5.11’s durable products that are often used by the military, law enforcement, and first responders. The 5.11 Tactical Series Kilt is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a functional, tactical, and durable kilt.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt vs Utilikilt

The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt and the Utilikilt are both sub-compromises. The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is a traditional kilt option for those that want the utility of a kilt with a little more tactical appeal. On the other hand, the Utilikilt is a more practical option for those that want a more utilitarian short kilt that doesn’t sacrifice value or style.

5.11 Tactical Kilt Video

The video goes over the features of the product and the benefits for the person wearing it.


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  1. Dave Jorge

    Your products were of excellent quality, and the delivery was quick and hassle-free.

  2. Hadley Barrett

    It fits perfectly! I am eagerly looking forward to adorning it.

  3. Brooke Lucas

    The quality is excellent and the stitching is perfect!

  4. Alexander Jenkins

    great products and comes highly recommended. I received my tactical kilt today and I am absolutely in love with it.

  5. Eden Snyder

    The 5.11 Tactical Kilt is an excellent product and comes highly recommended. The sizing is accurate and the fit is comfortable, making it a great choice for any activity. Overall, a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

  6. Hughie Estrada

    The 5.11 tactical kilt is a perfect fit, very comfortable, and priced affordably. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable and stylish kilt.

  7. Frank Steele

    The quality of the kilt was excellent and it fit perfectly according to the size ordered. It’s very comfortable to wear and easy to wash, making it convenient for future use. I absolutely adore your kilts!

  8. Waldo Fraley

    This kilt is absolutely fantastic. It’s of the same top-notch quality that I have come to anticipate from 5.11.

  9. Lincoln Snider

    I recently purchased my first kilt and I’m extremely satisfied with it. The material is of great quality and it looks amazing. What I particularly love is that the cargo pockets are detachable, giving you the option to switch to a more traditional kilt look. The belt loops are the perfect size.

  10. Travis Daniels

    I own a Tactical Kilt from 5.11 and I believe that the quality of your product is on par with theirs, and at a much more affordable price.

  11. Roger Shelton

    I received my tactical kilt today and I am absolutely in love with it! Great work, guys! It’s one of the highest quality kilts I have ever purchased.

  12. Drogo Payne

    This item is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. It fits true to size, and I always love every product I purchase from this company.

  13. smith jeo

    This kilt is of good quality and the service provided was excellent, with quick delivery.

  14. Gene Day

    The quality and fit of this kilt is good. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks again, Scott Fashion.

  15. Andrew Nunez

    I am absolutely in love with the 5.11 Kilts. The fit is amazing, and there are so many pockets to store your belongings!

  16. Conrad Kimmons

    This product fits well, and I particularly like the cargo pockets.

  17. Egbert Norman

    As a new customer, I am pleased to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service and the final product that I have received. I am recommending these products to my family, colleagues, and friends.

  18. Don Walton

    This is my third kilt and good product.

  19. Errol Mack

    I have purchased a total of three kilts from your company and they are all perfect. I would love to see them available in more colors year-round. Additionally, it would be great if you could offer a tactical sporran since the kilts already have D-rings to attach them.

  20. Damian Robson

    Fast shipping. Item just as described.

  21. Stewart Jenson

    This company offers great prices and provides good value for the money. Shipping is prompt, and I highly recommend them with a 5+ rating. Thank you!


    The product was simply amazing! The fabric was lovely, the quality was superb, and the size was just perfect. What’s more, it was delivered well before the expected time, which was a pleasant surprise. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch product that exceeds expectations.

  23. Westin Wall

    The shipping was fast and the item was very well-packed. It was a pleasure doing business with this person, and I hope to deal with them again in the future. Thank you!

  24. Cole

    This kilt is well-made and fits nicely.

  25. Toby Ellis

    The kilt is impeccably crafted with exceptional quality. Every detail is flawless, making it the epitome of perfection. Thank you very much for delivering such a remarkable piece.

  26. Mason Barrett

    I recently received my kilt a couple of days ago and I must say, the quality is outstanding. Every aspect of it is perfect, and the customer service I received was fantastic as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from here again and would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a high-quality kilt.

  27. Berg Gilbert

    I absolutely adore these kilts! They are incredibly comfortable to wear and are made from high-quality materials, making it a top-notch product. I am so pleased with my purchase that I’m already planning to order another kilt.

  28. Loyal Ozzy

    The quality of the product is truly remarkable considering its price point. Additionally, it arrived earlier than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The fit is also exceptional and exceeded my expectations. I am genuinely grateful and satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for providing such an outstanding product!

  29. Michael Sebastian

    I received a great custom-made kilt, just as they promised, and it looks absolutely awesome.

  30. brelen zila

    Fabric & Stitching quality is perfect, highly recommended

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