Wallace Tartan Kilt

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Wallace Tartan Kilt

We are pleased to introduce the Wallace Tartan Kilt – a timeless and sophisticated Scottish attire that is an ideal fit for any formal gathering or Scottish-themed occasion.

This remarkable kilt is intricately linked to the ancient Wallace clan of Scotland and showcases a classic tartan design that is certain to impress. The Wallace Dress Tartan, similar to its crimson counterpart, has its roots traced back to 1842 and is typically reserved for formal, evening, or special events.

The tartan comprises only two colors, black and white, and is actually identical to the MacFarlane modern tartan. The kilt is handmade from high-quality acrylic material, which helps to keep the wearer warm in colder temperatures and allows for breathability when the weather is mild. The kilt boasts back pleats and is equipped with two adjustable leather straps and buckles, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

We provide tailor-made Wallace Tartan Kilts that are crafted to fit your precise measurements, guaranteeing a flawless fit each time. Our standard delivery time takes only 2-3 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your kilt. In addition, we offer rush delivery within a week for those who require their kilt sooner. Whether you’re attending a wedding, festival, or any other formal gathering, the Wallace Kilt is an ideal way to exhibit your Scottish ancestry or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of Scotland.


  • Cloth: Made from 100% high-quality Acrylic Wool Fabric
  • Design: Features the iconic Wallace Tartan pattern
  • Pleats: Adorned with classic Knife Pleats
  • Cleaning: Easy to wash and maintain
  • Buckles: Equipped with Rust-free buckles
  • Straps: Comes with adjustable Leather Straps

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