MacDougall tartan kilt

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Macdougall Tartan Kilt with Brown Leather

The Macdougall Modern Tartan Kilt is crafted from top-quality acrylic wool and features adjustable leather straps with rust-free buckles. As with all Scottish kilts, the tartan design is a representation of the wearer’s Scottish clan, with each family possessing its unique tartan based on their surname.

Traditionally associated with Scotland, kilts have become a global fashion statement, with wearers donning them at a variety of events.

The Macdougall Tartan Kilt comes with matching accessories, including a sporran, flashes, and fly plaid, to complete the traditional Scottish look. The kilt’s eight-yard design provides ample material for clean, crisp pleats that lay flat, while a stripe-pleated kilt ensures every pleat has a centered vertical tartan stripe.

For those with Scottish ancestry, the kilt represents a sense of pride and belonging to their clan. Join the tradition and wear the Macdougall Modern Tartan Kilt with honor and distinction.


✔ Style: Traditional

✔ Tartan: MacDougall Ancient

✔ Material: Acrylic Wool

✔ Straps: 100% Leather

✔ Buckle: Rust-Free

✔ Waist: Adjustable up to 2 inches above and below

✔ Pleats: Sett

✔ Lining: Cotton

✔ Belt loops: Available

✔ Availability: Custom-made

✔ Brand: Scottish Kilt Outfit

✔ Condition: New


The MacDougall tartan kilt is for what clan?

The Macdougall Modern Standard Tartan kilt is primarily associated with the MacDougall clan. This striking tartan pattern features a mix of dark and light blue hues, combined with black and green accents, making it a popular choice among Scotsmen looking to celebrate their heritage in style.

Is there a MacDougall tartan?

Yes, there is a MacDougall tartan. It is a popular tartan among those with Scottish heritage.

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  1. Victor Brown

    I was pleasantly surprised at how great this kilt was, especially considering its unbelievably low price.

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